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How does it work?

Firstly, we get to know you and the project.

We discuss the styles and features you would like and any renovation work that may be required. Choosing a kitchen and creating a “perfect situation” wish list is a great starting point.

Then we come out to you, measure the space, and discuss your thoughts in further detail.

Then we begin designing your new kitchen. We produce detailed floor plans and 3D images and invite you to the showroom to talk you through it. At this stage, nothing is set in stone. But we will have a good idea of the level of products and work required, so we’ll be able to provide some pricing options.

Then we work toward the final design and arrangements. We can make as many changes as you like. There is no obligation until we are all agreed and happy to go ahead. When you want to confirm, we require a deposit.

How much is your kitchen design service?

Our kitchen design service is free. This is all part of your free no obligation quote. We will design your kitchen using the latest kitchen design software. This includes the line drawings with all the measurements and 3D images from various angles. These images include everything from the colour of the floor to the walls showing your chosen appliances and worktops.

How do you compare to others?

Whether you are looking for replacement doors or a fully fitted kitchen, Kitchen Xchange Newcastle can help. We have a vast range of kitchen doors from budget to higher end specification. The difference with Kitchen Xchange? We manufacture in house and employ our installers. No middle people – you are buying direct from the manufacturer.

When can you fit my new kitchen?

This depends on your choice of products and the availability of our in-house teams. These factors can vary, so let us know about your time concerns or constraints and we will confirm what we can do. As a small independent company, we are often more flexible and able to accommodate your specific needs. Generally our manufacturing time for a full kitchen is between 5-6 weeks.

How and When do we have to pay?

Payment structure is split into three steps: (1) A 50% deposit on the value of goods confirms your order, the remainder of which (2) is due before or on delivery. (3) A final payment on practical completion of the project.

Payment methods are flexible to suit you. Cash, card, or bank transfers are all available. Many customers like to pop in the showroom to use the card machine and have a chat, but this can also be done over the phone.

Installation QUESTIONS

How long will it take to fit my new kitchen?

Fitting your new kitchen will take a minimum of two weeks.

There is a preliminary week for preparing the space in which we remove the old kitchen and send in the electricians and plasterers. This work is typically carried out Monday to Friday.

The following week your fit team will complete most of the installation and – depending on your choice of work surface – the appropriate company will come out to template. They will return the following week to install the surfaces and then the fitters can complete the kitchen.

If you choose laminate surfaces and its a straight forward kitchen replacement, this work is usually carried out within 1 week.

Who are your trade teams and fitters?

Our kitchen fitters are employed by Kitchen Xchange and are not sub contracted, our installers are involved in building your kitchen within our factory and follow the project through to completion.

Our trade teams (electricians, plumbers, and plasterers) and fitters are local, independent contractors who come highly recommended. Most have worked in close partnership with Kitchen Xchange for over 20 years and all have been carefully vetted, usually working in our own showroom and homes first (we won’t let anyone in your home that we wouldn’t have in ours).

They are not employed by Kitchens Xchange but are instructed by our team. Clear processes and close communication founded on strong work relations ensure the best service and quality of fit.

Will I be able to use my current kitchen while the new one is being fitted?

We keep your current facilities and appliances in use and accessible for as long as we can. The particulars of what you will or won’t be able to use at any given time are entirely dependent on the project. In any case, let the fitters know, they are always happy to work with your needs and will do all they can to make the transformation as easy as possible.


How long have you been in business?

The directors of Kitchens Xchange have been in the kitchen industry for more than 20 years and incorporated Kitchens Xchange in 2004. We have been trading in the same area expanding twice to meet the needs of the growing business.

We also have big plans for the future and in 2019 will be updating our logos and signage along with developing a new showroom.

Can we use our existing appliances or supply our own?

Yes. If you have appliances that are still in good condition/order and dont want to replace them we will be happy to install them in your new kitchen. When ordering new yourself we will need the make and model numbers before installation. There will still be a charge for any electrical work and for the installation of the appliances.

I’m having a house built – when should I engage with you?

When building a house it is important that you give yourself plenty of time to consider the kitchen design. Early on once the building work as started your builder will be wanting a plan so that they can allow for the plumbing, electrics & extraction. We therefore sugget to start this process as soon as you have planning permission.

Do you have more questions?