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UPDATED: 11.05.2020

At Kitchen Xchange we have been closely monitoring the current advise from the UK Government and how we can phase the re-opening of our business. Our number one priority is the safety of our team and clients.  To ensure the safety of team and clients and to prevent the spread of the virus, we have completed business risk assessments and made various changes to our business.

Below are some of the changes we have implemented:

We must adhere to Version 3 of the Site Operating Procedures as specified by the Construction Leadership Council, which can be viewed here.

In addition to these procedures, as a business we have implemented the following:

Work being completed in customers homes (Installations):

    • Each customer to verify they are not self-isolating and have no symptoms of Covid-19
    • Customers will need to adhere to our new procedures and respect how we now work
    • Only one trade onsite at any one time unless the space is large enough that two trades can work and safely practice social distancing (working 2m apart).
    • Each trade must wear a face mask, shoe covers and disposable gloves.
    • In the event that two trades or two persons are onsite together, there should be no sharing or borrowing of each other’s tools.
    • Designated hand sanitising area with hand sanitiser to be used as each trade enters the site/customers home.
    • Anti-bacterial wipes provided and to be used throughout the work
    • Designated WC to be used by the trade. Customer not to use the same WC. Trade to wipe down surfaces in WC, toilet flush, seat, push plate, taps and door handle at the end of each day.
    • All door handles to be wiped down at end of each day including any surfaces or high contact areas.
    • Windows in the property should be open all day to allow air to circulate.
    • No trades to accept tea or coffee from the customer, there is to be no passing contact.
    • Trades to bring their own refreshments & use disposable cups.
    • Onsite bin to empty at end of each day onto skip with used wipes / gloves / shoe covers / cups etc.
    • The customer must practice strict social distancing. This means not coming into the room during the day when the trade is working.
    • All tools are to be wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes at the end of each day.
    • Deliveries should be left outside and the trade onsite should open, discard packaging, and wipe down delivered item with anti-bacterial wipes.
    • On completion of works, we will clean the site / rooms in which we have been working. It is then advisable to leave it for 72 hours before starting to use.

Our showroom and Factory: 

Once our showroom re-opens we will be operating by appointment only, we have changed the way we will interact with visitors to the business. We have completed risk assessments to ensure staff and visitors are protected.

    • Visitors must call in advance if they wish to view product in our showroom. Our showroom will remain locked to prevent entry without control.
    • We ask representatives to not visit our business during this time as discussions can be carried out via email or telephone.
    • We have placed new signage advising of our procedures to protect visitors and staff.
    • Hand cleaning stations are placed at the entrance, anyone entering or leaving must wash their hands as per hand washing guidance.
    • Deliveries will be taken from outside the premises and take onsite by our team. All deliveries will be wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes.

Home Measures & Quotations:

Unfortunately this is an area still classed as non-essential and customers will need to provide their own measurements or sketches. Our website has various aids to help you complete this:

Guide – Replacement doors

Kitchen planning guide

    • We can help over the phone and guide you through the process or via email our service here is no-obligation and FREE of charge.
    • We will send you your quotation and any visuals via email to view in the comfort of your own home.



The most important thing is that our clients feel comfortable. If there are other specific things you would like us to do, please do speak to us and ask. If at any stage you do not feel comfortable having work undertaken, you must let us know as soon as possible. These are uncertain times and the most important thing is that good communication is maintained to avoid any discomfort or anxiety for either party.