Just bought a new home? Need Additions?

Purchasing a new home is probably the biggest purchase you will make, when purchasing a new home you are faced with big decisions such as kitchen choice. Like what you have been shown in the show house? However it soon becomes evident the extras are adding up!

Upgrade to Solid Surfaces, upgrade to premium or better appliances, additional cabinets etc.  are all additions that soon add £1000’s to your purchase price. When purchasing additional items theres the cost the home builder buys from the manufacturer, the profit added by the house builder and the commissions etc. paid to the staff, then of course theres the service. You can soon find yourself paying over the odds for additions or upgrades.

The other side of upgrades is the limited choice, home builders buy in bulk and want to keep things as simple as possible. Quartz is a great example here the house builder may only offer a choice of 3-4 colours and are often the most common colours. Limiting there choice they are able to buy bigger volume and gain better prices from the manufacture increasing the profit.

Whether you have purchase a home from Bellway, Persimmon, Gentoo, Miller, Taylor Wimpy, Cussins, Kitchen Xchange can help with your additions. We have a vast range of doors and cabinets which can be made to any specification along with great deals on appliances and work surfaces.

Looking to upgrade to Quartz, we can price quartz by the slab making it easy to calculate the cost of replacement surfaces. Our online calculator shows how to calculate a cost here. Starting from as little as £1872.00.


So whether you are looking to add an island to your existing kitchen, replace doors, or replace worktops, give us a call or call in at our showroom in Westerhope, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Contact Us.