Kitchens in new build homes?

Just moved into a new-build home? If you’re living in a property that’s under 10 years old, you may want to tailor your kitchen design to complement the new-build style. While we’ve got lots of inspiration at Kitchen Xchange, heres some practical advice on designs that work in new homes.


Just because your new-build home is chic and contemporary, doesn’t mean you can’t add a touch of personality. Contemporary kitchen design allows you to play with colour or textures, with the addition of a feature wall or coloured mood lighting. You can also create colour palettes to suit you and your preferences – neutrals being a popular trend at the moment, along with greys and a touch of zesty colour accents.


While many new-build homes may be smaller in size than period properties, that doesn’t mean your new kitchen can’t be functional. In fact, kitchens in new-build homes tend to be more functional than those in older properties, with designers working to make the most of the space. Cupboard space is neatly laid out and wall-space is made use of, while other features like the kitchen island have become popular too. All of these features are key to today’s modern kitchen from Kitchen Xchange.

Social space

A key element of the new-build home is its sociable, open plan layout. A kitchen no longer needs to be just a space to cook in. Today’s modern kitchen sees kids watching TV in the lounge corner, families dining together in the heart of the room, and parties gathering in a more sociable kitchen space. With our contemporary or traditional kitchens there are no rules – one of the many reasons why it’s such a popular choice among our customers.

Cutting edge design

Our Contemporary and traditional kitchens allow cutting edge design to complement your new home. Think minimalist style, cool industrial elements, and a mix of modern and rustic materials. If you can dream it we can make it.

Wanting to expand your exisiting space?

Many new builds are purchased with basic kitchens fitted, often done on a budget to reduce the build costs along with poor design. House builders often use companys such as Symphony kitchens, Roundel Kitchens or Moores Furniture to supply them with budget kitchens. These companies are also often hard to get hold of when you are looking for replacement doors or add ons to your existing kitchen.

At kitchen Xchange we can supply additional doors, kitchen islands or worksurfaces to add to you existing kitchen.

We can help with new build additinoal kitchen units for your Bellway, Persimmon, Taylor wimpey, Miller Barratt and Storey home in the North East .

Contact Kitchen Xchange today and speak to our designers on how we can make the best use of your space.